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Tattoo Collectors Part 2

  __Tattoo Collectors  Part 2__ During my promoting of the Tattoo project for charity I met a lot of people with tattoos....and when I have spoken to them about the project they all love the idea to be in the Blogger  with their own personal tattoo. But the problem is that there are to many foto´ here is Part 2 of Tattoo Collectors... Next... Monday the 19th I was talking with Janus in the supermarket Mercadona. His father is from Greece and his mother from Barcelona (Spain) While my Tattoo project is processing I notice that people have more and more tattoos with color. (Photo: Tattoo Donor / Martin Cuijpers) Next.... On Tuesday 20-2-2024 in the centre of Marbella I talked with Diego from Chili. He had at that moment 13 tattoos. His favorite was the one with the flowers of his grandmother who has passed away. (Photo: Tattoo Donor / Martin Cuijpers) On a terrace I met  three nice ladies with tattoos. Consuela was inked with the image of a mermaid...... (Photo: T