Future Way to Commerate

  ___Future Way to Commemorate___

For centuries we have buried our beloved ones that had passed away in a graveyard.

(drawing by Tattoo Donor / Martin Cuijpers)  

(Photo by Arina Krasnikova from Pexels)
Or like in many cultures it was tradition to cremate/burn our dearests. 
Here in the cemetery in Casabermeja the deceased are bricked up in a hole in a wall.

  (Photo Tattoo Donor / Martin Cuijpers.) 

In a large group of people....

(Photo: Tattoo Donor / Martin Cuijpers)

...or a little more individual....

(Photo: Tattoo Donor / Martin Cuijpers)

In Christian religion in urns and grail the mortal remains are kept of Popes and bishops. 
Nowadays families can pick up a urn with the ashes of a beloved one who has been cremated within a few months. 
(if it's up to Tattoo Donor)
Worldwide there is still a lack of donor organs for transplantation.
Tattoo Donor is going to change this.
By promising the person who donates his Tattoos together with his other organs... after he has passed away a present.
The surgeons that are going to remove the donors organs will remove one or more Tattoos of the passed away person as well.
As a compensation for the benefit for using his other donors organs.
The surgeons or other specialists are going to hydrate the Tattoo and put it in a frame of plexiglass. 
In due time the family gets the hydrated and prepared Tattoo as a memory of the death person.
Then they have 2 possibilities:
1. They can put the frame at home on the wall or on the dresser...
or 2. They can donate it to the future Tattoo Donor Museum.
If my projects will operate well then I think that the future museum will be a fact within the next 50 years in one of the Tattoo Donor Pyramids.
 (Photo copyrights Tattoo Donor / Martin 
Cuijpers....artist Victor Doblado)

In this museum it will be possible to see a virtual tour along the collection of donated hydrated Tattoos. You click-in the name of your beloved one that has passed away and through an advanced GPS system you end up at the highlight of the virtual tour:....the 3-D Tattoo of your beloved one....!!! With the complete life story of the person that has passed away. 
You can print this ......share this.....and even put it on YouTube.
No graveyards.....no urns.....no hair in medallions....just the precious memories in your head and your heart.!
After writing this I realize that it is not fair to the ones that are going to donate their organs without receiving a present.
In fact THEY are the real heroes!!! 
And THEY deserve a place in the hall of fame....!!!

The burial customs in our world date from the last century....... or to say it in another way :..... out of the the period of the book 
"The American Way of Death". 
The future Tattoo Donor Foundation is going to launch you directly in the 21th century. 
Tattoo Donor will cause a revolution in burial customs in the close future. 
To be continued......

Written 16-8-2021 ...published on the date 17-8-2021


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