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Kris Jenner

 ______Kris Jenner______ (Photo: free picture Wikimedia Commons) Kris Jenner has at least one confirmed Tattoo.  She is of origin Dutch...German...Scottish....Irish....and English. (I still don´t know how it is possible to be from 5 origins) Kris became a household name because her marriage with Robert Kardashian who died in 2003 after diagnosed esophageal cancer two months before. And well-known for her TV-program "Keeping Up with the Kardashians".... On the internet I have seen that Kris has a Tattoo in honour of 2 of her children. So there we go again....I´m going to write an open letter to Kris Kenner... (Photo: free picture Icons-Icons) "Hello Kris Jenner....maybe I´m a little bold but although I hardly know you personnally....I have a question about your Tattoo. You have revealed that you have a Tattoo on a quiete private spot....on your booty. The Tattoo....a cross with on one side the name  Kendall and on the other side the name Kylie indicate the love for your c