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 ______Kris Jenner______

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Kris Jenner has at least one confirmed Tattoo. 

She is of origin Dutch...German...Scottish....Irish....and English. (I still don´t know how it is possible to be from 5 origins)

Kris became a household name because her marriage with Robert Kardashian who died in 2003 after diagnosed esophageal cancer two months before. And well-known for her TV-program "Keeping Up with the Kardashians"....

On the internet I have seen that Kris has a Tattoo in honour of 2 of her children.
So there we go again....I´m going to write an open letter to Kris Kenner...

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"Hello Kris Jenner....maybe I´m a little bold but although I hardly know you personnally....I have a question about your Tattoo. You have revealed that you have a Tattoo on a quiete private spot....on your booty. The Tattoo....a cross with on one side the name Kendall and on the other side the name Kylie indicate the love for your children. But did you know that you can do a very special thing with this Tattoo.?
Since I have invented teh first Tattoo Donor Card in the world it will be possible in the future to donate a Tattoo to Charity....or to the future Tattoo Donor Foundation.
Could you please read my article "Tattoo Donor for Donor Organs" 
In the Blogger
All over the world people still die while they were waiting for a donor organ for transplant.
But the problem is that there is a lack of donor organs. With the future Tattoo Donor Foundation we can solve this problem for ever.....

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Reading my article will be a little complex in the beginning but if you have any questions or comments....please contact me...
A regard, Martin Cuijpers (Tattoo Donor)"

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Today I have seen the first time Kris a videoclip singing together with Meghan Trainer.....

Link:  Meghan Trainor -  Mother (Official Music Video) -

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First time published 23-3-2023

By the new email adress is


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