Zeus Ilian Tobianah

 ____Zeus Ilian Tobianah____

Ilian Tobianah is a real estate lawyer and an influencer. See TikTok....

I don't if know the lawyer Ilian Tobianah has a Tattoo but the Italian Gianluca Vacchi has been inked all over.

Ilian Tobianah......or better known as Zeus has the Zeus image but Tattoo Donor has an unique Zeus mosaic in his swimming-pool.


(Photo: Tattoo Donor / Martin Cuijpers)

The Tattoo Donor mosaic is unique in the whole world....why?....because TattooDonor made it himself. It did take him almost 2 years to make it.

You will think why did it take Tattoo Donor 2 years for finishing this mosaic.? Well the answer is very clear....He is not such a hard worker. Hahahaha....

(Photo: Tattoo Donor / Martin Cuijpers) 

Tattoo Donor has even the Zeus image on his T-shirts......


(Photo: Tattoo Donor / Martin Cuijpers)

The Tattoo Donor Zeus T-shirt:....


(Photo: Tattoo Donor / Martin Cuijpers)

Long time the Zeus image was the second-gues for the logo for my Tattoo Project for charity....but after doubting I did choose for the Tattoo Donor Knight.

(Photo: Tattoo Donor / Martin Cujpers)

The millionaire Gianluca is a businessman and could give a great contribution when he decides to donate one of his tattoos to charity...or to the future Tatoo Donor Foundation.

So I'm going to write him an open letter:

"Hello Gianluca Vacchi....how are you doing today?

On the internet I've seen that you are a fan of tattoos. 

Could you be so nice to read my article "Tattoo Donor for Donor Organs"

In the Blogger:  tattoodonor.com

(Before First Tattoo Donations)

With my invention of the Tattoo Donor Card the possibilities are endless. 
Really endless.
The future Tattoo Donor Foundation is NEVER going to ask money to people.... neither to the government. And will be nevertheless the first charity that is financially self-supporting. 
My inventions will provide sufficient money to start building a lot of laboraties in the whole world.  Not only in the rich western countries...... but in the WHOLE world.                             
See the video "Tattoo Donor  Pyramids" on YouTube. 
Link: Tattoo Donor Pyramids
 (Photo: Tattoo Donor / Martin Cuijpers...artist Victor Doblado)
Therefore I ask all kind of pop artists, movie stars and other celebrities if they are willing to donate their famous Tattoos to the future Tattoo Donor Foundation. 
Tattoo Donor is is not interested in money or fame.
All the proceeds of the Sotheby's auctions go to charity....! 
Note : Of course the Tattoos of the celebrities are not going to be transplanted directly on a human body... but are hydrated, dried and framed after the celebrity has passed away. But the advantage is that the famous Tattoos will be auctioned in Sotheby's during the life time of the celebrity. 
Like my Tattoo.. . that is called Tattoo Donor Knight....will be removed after I have passed away. Together with my other body parts suitable for transplantation.
If you have any questions or doubts....please contact me....
Tattoo Donor ( Martin Cuijpers)"
By the way.. Gianluca...do you have some photos yours that I can use for free in my Blogger.? Thank you....

And The Tattoo Donor T-shirt......

(Photo: Tattoo Donor / Martin Cuijpers)

First time published 14-2-2024

By the way...my new email adress is    tattoodonor@gmail.com


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