La Dani

 ___La Dani___

(Photo: Tattoo Donor / Martin Cuijpers)

Yesterday I did see the singer El Dani at the Festival of Malaga....

The Spanish nonbinary singer who lives in Malaga is a fan of I´m going to ask him/her in an open letter if  he/she is willing to donate one or more of his/her tattoos to charity.

(Photo: Tattoo Donor / Martin Cuijpers)

Open letter La Dani:

"Hello La Dani.....I was so lucky to take some photo´s of your tattoo yesterday at the Malaga Festival....

Since I have invented the Tattoo Donor Card I would like to ask you if you´re willing to donate one of more tattoos yours to charity...or to the future Tattoo Donor Foundation"

Could you please read my article

"Tattoo Donor for Donor Organs"

In my Blogger

(Before First Tattoo Donations)

And the other articles that are interesting for you:


(Photo: free picture Flickr)

.....and "What Happens with your TATTOO when you Die?"

An example of a dried tattoo...for the record this one is more than 120 years old.

(Photo: free picture Look and Learn)

The future Tattoo Donor Foundation has the goal to build laboraties for growing new skin al large scale for people with burns...and to grow new skin for acid survivors.

And to grow organs for transplant ....and to do research on virisses and bacteries.

I hope that you will read and share my Blogger so that in the future we can save thousands of life..

Have a nice day...Tattoo Donor / Martin Cuijpers)"

You don´t like the idea to donate a look so funny....hahahahaha....

(Photo: Tattoo Donor / Martin Cuijpers)

Tattoo Donor wouldn´t be Tattoo Donor with some good music.....

Link: La Dani Prod Estereotipo - AGUAMARGA

Some more photos....

(Photo: Tattoo Donor / Martin Cuijpers)

(Photo: Tattoo Donor / Martin Cuijpers)

(Photo: Tattoo Donor / Martin Cuijpers)

(Photo: Tattoo Donor / Martin Cuijpers)

Published 2-3-2024


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