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 ___Snoop Dogg____

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Snoop Dogg is an american rapper and actor and he has at least 6 Tattoos.

One of his Tattoos is dedicated to his wife Shante Broadus. It´s a portrait of Shante on his right bicep.

So I´m going to write an open letter to Snoop Dogg.....

"Hello Snoop Dogg.....Would you like to read the article “Tattoo Donor for Donor Organs” in the Blogger please.    

(Before First Tattoo Donations)

It would be great when you consider to donate a Tattoo yours for the future Tattoo Donor Foundation. In this way you could help a lot of patients to a organ. And it will cost you nothing.!

Worldwide there is still a lack of donor organs and everyday people die that could have been operated if  there were sufficient organs.

If you consider to donate the Tattoos to the future Tattoo Donor Foundation for sure your kids will love this gesture……
Another task for the future Tattoo Donor Foundation will be to do research on bacteria snd virusses.


(Photo: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay)

When you have some questions or doubts…...please…….contact me. And I´m happily willing to explain to you how my Tattoo project exactly works.

Thanks,  for your precious time....Martin Cuijpers 

(Tattoo Donor)……”

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Published 29-11-2023

By the new email adress is


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