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The orignal name of T-Pain  is Faheem Rashad Najm and he has a very strange ironic tattoo. His tattoo in his neck shows us the word "Tattoo".        But that is not his only ink design....has several tattoos. Another tattoo T-Pain´s is a Jackie Chan meme that is inked on his body....on his hand.

Since I´ve invented the first Tattoo Donor Card in the whole world...I´m going to ask him in an open letter if he is interested to donate his tattoo to charity....

.....or to the future Tattoo Donor Foundation.

Open letter to T-Pain....

"Hello T-Pain.... on the internet I have seen that you like tattoos. But I have a personal question for you....""What Happens with your TATTOO when you Die?"

This question is also an article in my Blogger tattoodonor.com

and is part of my article " Tattoo Donor for Donor Organs"

Since I´ve invented the Tattoo Donor Card it´s possible to do something unique thing with your tattoos....you can donate your tattoo to charity...or to the future Tattoo Donor Foundation.

You will probably think: " How the f*ck is it to possible to donate your tattoo to charity?"  Well...you can read everything in my Blogger.

An example of a dried tattoo ....(this one is more than 120 years old)

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One of the goals of the future Tattoo Donor Foundation is to grow at at large scale new skin for people with burns..and for acid suvivors.  And when I say at large scale then I mean at large scale. Not only for the rich Western countries....but for ALL countries in the world.

Did you know that you can grow new skin in laboraties...on so called Petri dishes.

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I hope that you and other pop artists can help me with founding the future foundation....
Thank you so much for your time....Tattoo Donor (Martin Cuijpers)

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And Tattoo Donor shouldn´t be nothing without good music....

Link: T-Pain - Dreamer - (Official Visualizer)


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By the way...my new email adress is tattoodonor@gmail.com


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